EmRey - In Your Pocket

Director - Maria Pia Fanigliulo

Sometimes every ounce of effort it takes to produce a music video is worth it. This one is more than worth it. Pretty amazing visuals, great track.

About The Song and Artist:

EmRey is 23 year old Michael Rey from London. He told us, “I am an independent artist. I write my own material, lyrically, musically. I then arrange and record my music (including sound engineering, production and all instrumental performances) by myself.

"The song tells a story about a man’s last desperate hours before execution, when he realizes and deeply regrets all the mistakes he has made, now the he has no more control over his fate. As he sits in his cell, he knows that he will spend the last few hours of his life alone, with his shame and bitter regrets.

"In the music video, the concept of imprisonment and ineluctability has been expanded in a philosophical sense as the circle of life and death that entraps every living being."


About The Director:

"I am Maria Pia Fanigliulo, a 27-year-old filmmaker living in London. I am represented as commercial director by RUN productions. I recently completed my MFA at CalArts in LA in Film Directing, having previously studied Philosophy in Florence and Aesthetics in Paris. I am a film & promo director and a script reader and researcher for Universal International. In 2013 I have directed four music videos, all made and shot in London, which got multiple screenings in the UK and abroad, plus thousands of views online (Gizmodo,Sopitas,Vimeo’s staff picks and many others.)"

About The Video:

"Wunderkammer is the cabinet of curiosities in which wealthy intellectuals and aristocrats used to collect rare documents and natural oddities, more or less accurate, more or less horrifying, both for research and entertaining purposes. For centuries the cabinets have been considered as the symbol of the lust for knowledge and alchemical power, where mysterious experiments and researches used to be perpetrated. In the XXI century, such place of knowledge, myth and mystification still exists, although in a digital version: YouTube and the internet can be considered as our very own Wunderkammer.

"We then decided to combine the very ancient tradition with its most modern representation: the shots are all hand drawn as some old oxidized engravings, by painter Tarik Berber, yet what moves and hides inside of the flasks and the drawings comes entirely from the web, the most modern (and unattainable) library. The result is a visual journey into the labyrinths of our civilisation."


Information in quotes provided by the Director Maria Pia Fanigliulio unless otherwise stated.

Artist’s Comments on the Director:

"The artistic team around/ and led by Maria Pia Fanigliulio is nothing but awe-inspiring. They have spared absolutely no efforts to create what I believe to be a truly unique and ground breaking video that truly deserves widespread recognition."

Director’s Comments on the Artist:

"The song is about the passing of time, the ineluctability of the events, and the recurrent human feeling of being trapped in a circular existence. The musical variations and the sharpness of the lyrics gave a nice depth to the video, both delicate and furious. The main chorus (“Got my life in your pocket now”) was the starting point for an interesting philosophical reflection which translated into the allegories and the symbols of the video."

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