Marter - Black Hole

Director - Maria Pia Fanigliulo

Amazing video with the beginning of the universe from a kitchen table. Oh yes, it all started with a small child and a gingham tablecoth didn’t you know?

About The Song:

Marter expalianed, “This song was mainly inspired by the European techno scene. It mixes live drums and industrial sounds to create an hypnotic ghost track that grows in a spiral. It is a meditative form of electronica.”

About The Artist:

"Marter, aka Masateru Yamauchi, is a 33-year-old classical pianist and electronic musician who was born in Japan and raised in the US. He lives between London, Berlin and the quiet countryside of Kyoto, where he composes his tunes. He is signed with the label Jazzy Sport.

"Marter has played in clubs and festivals all around Europe (among many others the Sonar in Barcelona and the Master Peace in Yorkshire). Black Hole is the ghost track of his fourth album after Tsuki no deshio (2001), Preferable Reality (2005), Weltraumasthetik (2009) and Finding and searching (2012). His fifth album will be released in 2014."

About The Director:

"Maria Pia Fanigliulo recently completed her MFA at CalArts in LA in Film Directing. She previously studied Philosophy in Florence and Aesthetics in Paris. She lives in London, where she is a flm&promo director and a script reader and researcher for Universal International. In 2013 she directed four music videos, all made and shot in London, which got multiple screenings in the UK and abroad, plus thousands of views online (Gizmodo, Sopitas, Vimeo’s staff picks and others)."

About The Video:

"Since we wanted to make a music video which was more cinematic rather than commercial, we decided to pick the ghost track of the album. The title of the song and its rhythm gave me the idea to create a story about adventures in space. Knowing the style of the musician, I wanted to make something which was both technologic and warm. 

"The painter Tarik Berber painted a 10-metre-long canvas which was the background of the universe. We slowly unrolled it with the help of an engine and shot it in one single 5-minute-long shot, which became our screenplay for the birth and death of the universe. Yet when we filmed the kids, they started to play spontaneously and the footage looked so playful and natural I decided to re-think the whole animation according to their moves and games. So the final script ultimately came from these two unaware little writers. Please also note that nothing in the animation is computer generated or 3D: all the objects of the room have been photographed or filmed. Digital artist Jeffrey Shroyer then composed hundreds of pics and videos, playing with different sizes to create the illusion of perspective."

Information in quotes provided by Director Maria Pia Fanigliulo unless otherwise stated.

Artist’s Comments on the Director:

"I am very proud of what the director did with my tune. I think the video is truly awesome as it mixes a lot of retro inspirations (reminiscent of the golden age of animated music videos of the MTV Liquid Way) with brand new experimental techniques. The visuals came out of the tune so organically it seems like the soundtrack came after the images. The level of detail of the video is extraordinary, making it more like an audiovisual experience than a basic promo. Just the animation took several months to make: I think it is extremely rare to find a low budget music video with so much precise original work behind."

Director’s Comments on the Artist:

"Marter is a sensitive musician who has a deep connection both with technology and nature. While listening to the track, I could already picture all the details and the orbiting objects of his universe. I had no doubt when the black hole was kicking in, when things where collapsing or starting over. The song has given us precise directions on how to make the universe unfold. I think the collaboration turned out really successful, especially since we (the musician, the animator, the painter and I) explored an inner pace which is not very common in the fast-paced video clips of our era."

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