BBC Music Video Festival

The BBC Music Video Festival 2013 is now live and open for you to view.

We have some great films and music on offer so click, explore and enjoy!

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Smitana - Higher

Director and Editor - Andrey Airapetov

To prove that hip-hop is a truly universal phenomenon, here is Russian rapper Smitana. Not one to keep her feet on the ground either, with a video that packs a real surprise in its visual style.

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Scofferlane - I Awoke

Director and Editor - Andrey Airapetov

Love the scuzzy post punk sound of this Russian band. The great visuals fit the song perfectly.

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Lost Weekend - Your Heart

Director and Editor - Andrey Airapetov

The electro rock sound of Lost Weekend is accompanied in this video by the by a love tryst with a shop mannequin!

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C2C - Delta

Director - CRCR

This amazing animated video, with both a futuristic and retro style, does the splendid job of both telling a story and leaving us baffled at the same time. 

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The Correspondents - Fear and Delight

Director - Naren Wilks

Oh my word, how did they do this? Inventive video that suits the song perfectly with a great performance by front-man Mr Bruce.

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VOIA - Dragonfly

Director - HB no.2

A story of persistence runs through this video - with a twist in the tale. Great track and some hot dance moves there my son!

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Franko Fraize (Feat. Kamilla Lovett) - Treasures

Director - Tom J Cronin

We are big fans of Tom’s videos and Franko’s music. The sublime voice of Kamilla adds another dimension to Franko’s storytelling - and we’ve all been at a party like this!  BONUS VIDEOS at end

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Orla Gartland - Roots

Director - Yousef Thami

We’ve not heard of a two part video before. Clever idea. So, this starts with Part 1 of a live-and-animation-mixed film with young Irish singer Orla and includes bonus Part 2!

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Julien Mier - Super Tropic Tramp

Director/ animator - Koji Aramaki

This is a fantastic video fresh out of the box from the King Deluxe stable. A creation that fills sight and sound senses perfectly.

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Public Service Broadcasting - Night Mail

Director - Robert Hackett

This band is so imaginative with the use of old audio mixed with new music - and Robert Hackett has captured, and added to, their style perfectly.

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